On this page we provide answers to frequently asked questions in connection with bookings of rooms for the trade fair visit, the seminar or the craft in Hanover.

How can the agency Zimmervermittlung Teichler help me?
The accommodation agency for Hanover has a comprehensive inventory of private guest rooms and apartments of hundreds of landlords who provide their guest rooms or apartments for visitors to the city of Hanover. These landlords usually have many years of experience in the provision of accommodation, especially for trade fair guests but also fitters.

What are the cheapest rooms?
The price of the rooms in Hanover depends not only on the standard of the rooms, but also on the time of the trip, because at trade fairs, private guest apartments and accommodations are more expensive. In addition to the room costs also agency costs. But since the agency Zimmervermittlung Teichler also has its own facilities, you can also live here without commission. The cheap rooms are so in the trade fair season with long-term rental already for a price from 15 euros per person in Hannover to have.

How to book a room?
If you want to book a room in Hannover, then you only need to submit a request via this website. You will then immediately receive a non-binding offer including the description of the location, the price and pictures of the accommodation in Hanover. If you are interested, please send us your booking request for your room or apartment in Hanover. If the accommodation is still available, we will confirm the room booking or send you an alternative offer.

When and how does the key handover take place?
The rooms are usually handed over by the private landlord directly by handing over the key to the object. Usually, the rooms will be available in the afternoon from about 7:30 pm. By arrangement, the landlord can provide the room or apartment earlier.

How to pay?
The accommodation is usually paid in cash on arrival. The landlord hands out a receipt for this. Fitter’s rooms or exhibition rooms, which are rented in Hanover, can be settled by agreement also on account. In the latter case, payment must be made before arrival in Hanover.

Can I cancel a room?
A room can, as usual in the hospitality industry in Hanover, be canceled. Here are the conditions of the Zimmervermittlung Teichler. The earlier you cancel, the sooner you have the opportunity to find a replacement for the room service and thus save the booker the cancellation fee.

Can you also book non-smoking rooms?

Most rooms offered by the room service in Hanover are non-smoking. Smoking in guest apartments usually in the living room or in the kitchen.

Are animals allowed?
Many landlords of private rooms in Hanover do not allow animals to be carried. Bay a guest apartment or holiday apartment in Hanover, this is rather possible, because in this case disturbances of other guests are avoided. Ask the room service before booking a room. At best, you can also offer accommodation in Hanover.

Are there also handicapped accessible rooms?
Handicapped-accessible rooms in the strict sense, there is not. Apartments or rooms on the ground floor are also available in Hanover. Please note this with your request.

Do the rooms also have a kitchen?
The room service has guest apartments; each also equipped with a fully equipped kitchen. If you rent only a single room here, you use the infrastructure of the apartment together with the guests of the other rooms. When renting, for example, a one-room apartment, the kitchen and bathroom use is of course exclusive.

Do you need to bring bed linen and towels?
It is not necessary to bring bed linen for overnight stays in Hanover, as this is part of the room facilities. Towels can be provided in an emergency, but should usually be brought by the guest.

Is the internet usage in the rooms possible?
The guest apartment of the accommodation service has a WLAN connection. Internet access can be provided for a small additional charge. Also, many landlords of the room service can offer access to the Internet via the WLAN.

Is there connection to the public transport of Hanover?
All rooms, which the room rental makes available, are connected to the public transport network of Hanover. With a maximum journey time of about 30 minutes, you can also get to the Hanover Trade Fair Center. The apartments of the accommodation service, which can be rented as a seminar room or a fitter’s room or as a holiday apartment in Hanover, are centrally located in Hanover and can even be reached on foot from the train station.

Is there a parking space for the car?
Unfortunately, there are no exclusive parking lots in Hanover, but public parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the rooms can be used.

Are there any rooms outside Hanover?
Especially trade fair guests who come to CeBIT, Hannover Messe, EMO, Euroblech, Ligna or Infa to Hanover, like a place in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition center. Districts or localities such as Laatzen, Rethen, Sarstedt border directly on the fairgrounds. In addition, you can reach the exhibition center in just a few minutes from the exhibition center, for example, to Sarstedt. The agency Zimmervermittlung Teichler also has to offer accommodation in these places by private landlords. The rooms are usually in single-family homes and also have a separate guest bathroom.

What is the connection to the exhibition center?
Since the city and subway of Hanover in the center of Kröpcke drives in all directions, are also largely all parts of the city well connected to the public transport network, which is also supplemented by a bus network. The accommodation service makes every effort to book a fair accommodation in a good location for the trade fair. For example, priority is given to e.g. Fair apartments in the district Südstadt or Döhren offered, which are on the one hand very central to the city of Hanover but which due to the fairground railway line allow quick access to the exhibition center.

Do you also have rooms near the MHH Hanover?
Many tenants of the room rental come with the desire to live in Hanover, very close to the MHH. With the guest apartments in the Südstadt at the Marienstraße we have apartments ready, which guarantee a good self-supply on the one hand, but also ensure a fast connection through the Stadtbahn line to the MHH.

Are there any sights in Hannover?
Whatever reason the trip to Hanover may have. To see Hanover from its most beautiful side is possible in every season. Are it in the summer more of the many city festivals such as the Maschseefest, so can be visited in any season, the attractions such as the Herrenhausen Gardens, the State Museum Hanover but also the beautiful old town with the Market Church.